The Story

In the Summer of 2014, StarFlox Founder, Fletcher Cox found himself in particular situation. As a kayaking guide at Arawak Expeditions in the St. John, USVI, he hitchhiked to and from work everyday on crumbling roads through jungle mountains, needless to say, Flip Flops wouldn't cut it. He also saw that his kayaking customers oftentimes were confused as to the proper footwear for kayaking - needing a shoe that is both sturdy and easy to take off at the same time. 

As a problem solver, Fletcher or "Flox" took it upon himself to improve his Flip Flop's stability. After scrapping an old life jacket  and with some fishing line, a rusty needle and spare velcro, Flox built the first prototype and has been iterating Strip-Straps ever since. Since the product's inception, Flox has taken and tested Strip Straps all over the world: from Bahamian Beaches to the Peaks of the Pyrenees Mountains - From the Eiffel Tower to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Each time Strip Straps performed above and beyond our expectations.

StarFlox epitomizes outdoor innovation through simple product and apparel design. Strip-Straps allow you to do more with less by using recycled materials in our production and promoting a minimalist mindset through flip flop hybridization.  

Strip-Straps are just the beginning, StarFlox seeks to continue to develop our products and brand under a simple, maverick mantra: 

"And such is the essence of the Fox: that although he could see all that the star had illuminated, he dared to explore the unknown and discover what remained still shrouded in darkness." 

We are dreamers and doers - we create products for the unrelenting individuals in a world of conformity - for those whose blood runs wild and rampant - for those who would rather lead than follow. 

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Thanks for reading!

Fletcher Cox, Founder