What do Strip-Straps feel like? 

When attached, Strip-Straps anchor your flip flops to the bottom of your feet, providing a barefoot, natural sensation - you've gotta try em out. 

Do Strip-Straps work on all flip flop brands?

As far as we know, yes. We do recommend a sturdier shoe for maximum support, though.

Sizes are derived from standard leather flip flops (Olukai and Rainbow brands).

For rubber/plastic type Flops like Havaianas, we recommend ordering a size down. 

How does sizing break down?

We’ve designed Strip Straps to accommodate a range of foot sizes - If excess Velcro flops behind your heel, use a pair of scissors to cut the extra and streamline your straps.

In terms of men's US shoe sizes: 

Shorts: Size 5-8

Mids: Size 9-12

Longs: Size 12+

What type of activities can I do with Strip-Straps?

Strip Straps let you do almost anything you can put your mind to – hiking, swimming, kayaking, sailing, fishing, festivals, concerts, or just hanging out  – anything to get you active and outside. For high intensity activities involving water, such as boulder hopping or similar, we suggest pairing socks with Strip-Straps to prevent flip flop slippage.

Are they going to break? 

In our product testing, we’ve never seen a pair break under a variety of activities.

What if they break?

On the miniscule chance that your strip straps are in need of repair, we will replace the broken strap under the lifetime warranty.