Strip Straps
Strip Straps
Strip Straps
Strip Straps
Strip Straps
Strip Straps
Strip Straps

Strip Straps

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Strip Straps

Strip Straps are ankle straps that turn your flip flops into high performance adventure sandals. Strip-Straps create heel and ankle support comparable to popular sandal and water shoe brands, but at a fraction of the price.
  • Headed to the beach? Grab a pair to avoid losing your flops in the water. 
  • Headed to the river? Fasten those flops and keep your traction on those boulders. 
  • Headed to a music festival? Never lose your flops while noodlin' and groovin'. 
  • Headed to the backcountry? Minimize your bag weight with Strip Straps. 
Simply put, Strip Straps take the Flop out of Flip Flop


Shorts: US Men's 4-10 / US Women's 5-11
Mids: US Men's 10-13 / US Women's 11-14


  • High quality nylon webbing
  • Designed for amphibious use
  • Velcro for secure attachment
  • Heel Loop for easy on/off
  • Neoprene Padding for comfort and no slip
  • Fits most Flip Flop Brands
  • Lifetime Warranty


  1. Thread the black outermost strap around your flip flop strap starting from the inside 
  2. Attach the exterior "loop" velcro portion to the "hook" section on the exterior of the nylon strap (the wider part) 
  3. Slide foot in, pull up with the heel loop and adjust until your foot is secure
  4. Trim excess velcro and enjoy unparalleled Flip Flop comfort and support brought to you by Strip-Straps


Shorts: US Men's 4-8.5 / US Women's 5-10
Mids: US Men's 9-12 / US Women's 10-13
Visit FAQs  for additional sizing information. 

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